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Saturday, Dec 24 - Christmas Eve
Sunday, Dec 25 - Christmas Day
Saturday, Dec 31 - New Years Eve
Sunday, Jan 1 - New Years Day

Monday, Jan. 16 - Martin Luther King
Friday, Ap.14 - Good Friday 
Monday, May 29 - Memorial Day
Tuesday, July 4 - Independence Day
Monday, Sept.4 - Labor Day
Thursday, Nov.23 - Thanksgiving
Sunday, Dec.24 - Christmas Eve
Monday, Dec. 25 - Christmas

Monday   9am-8pm Tuesday   9am-8pm
Wednesday  9am-6pm
Thursday  9am-8pm
Friday  9am-1pm

Most of our therapists accept most insurance plans - the best way to know for sure is to call the number on the back of your card & ask

After Hours


Initial session: $147-$153
Missed sessions: $40
Copying files: $35-$50
Court: Hrly fee + travel
Self pay patients should be pre-pared to pay after each session.


If it is after hours, on a weekend or holiday and you are: SUICIDAL:

Call 911 or ask a trusted friend to drive you to the nearest hospital



"If we are coming in as a couple - do both of us need to fill out the forms?"
A. No - only one of you needs to fill out the forms. As long as both of you are covered by the insurance - you choose.

"If the patient is a minor, who should fill out the forms?"
A. The parent or guardian should fill out the forms for the child

"I'm not sure which of my two insurance plans in the primary?"
A. Call your insurance company and ask - their number is on the back of your card.

"Do your accept Medicaid?"
A. We accept Iowa Medicaid - Illinois Medicaid is only good in Illinois

"Do you offer a sliding scale fee?"
A. Our agreement with insurance
companies is that we charge you the same as we charge them.  
If you have financial need please discuss this with your therapist...we want to help!

To help prepare for your first visit:

Call your insurance company to find out if your therapist is a preferred provider, and what the visit will cost you (Copay for office visit, how much of your deductible has been met etc.)

Fill out all the requested forms which can be found from the "Set Appointment" page

Select which therapist you wish to see - find information on therapists on the "Staff" page

Check the map on the "Contact Us" page so you know where you will be going