Meditation is an ancient practice  with a goal of quieting and strengthening the mind.  Practice is another word for exercise.  It is not a practice limited to one religion.....people of every faith - and no faith practice meditation.  Many people confuse guided imagery with meditation - if you are listening to someone talking to you with the end goal of relaxation; then you are hearing a guided imagery.  Meditation at it's most elementary is sitting in a comfortable position on a comfortable chair with eyes closed and just breathing.  Any attention paid should be paid to the breathing.  When your attention wanders you should gently call it back to your breathing. 

Meditation offers three big gifts and lots of little ones.  The three big gifts are Concentration (which men are naturally good at), Awareness (which women are naturally good at) , and Equanimity (which no one is naturally good at).  Equanimity is the ability to be in chaos (internal or external) and not be effected by it.   The little gifts are relaxation, feeling less harried, the ability to be more productive because thinking is clearer, I found I spent less time rehearsing or rehashing conversations. I recalled details of conversations that I would have ordinarily forgotten, and best of all - I liked myself more & was less self critical.  Now don't run off and join a meditation group that makes you sit in an uncomfortable position - on pillows on the floor - and tells you how you should breath.  You are an expert on your breathing - so just stay home and give this a try.  30 minutes a day will bear positive fruit in a couple months.