Have you ever pondered the meaning of the word "Perspective"?  We hear talk about "keeping things in perspective" or "changing your perspective"...but what does it mean?  Perspective includes everything that we can see from where we stand.  Very simply put, if you are standing facing can see my face - that is your perspective.  You can only partially see the sides of my head and you cannot see the back of my head.  So how would we change our perspective?  You could move around to my left side.  Now your perspective includes the left side of my head - a partial view of my face and the back of head and you can't see the right side of my head.  But something is different now isn't it.  You can remember what my face looks like and you can add this memory to  your perspective - yielding a more complete perspective of me.

There is a cognitive component to perspective as well as a visual one.  The cognitive component to perspective includes everything we know to be true.  How do you respond when you hear someone say something that is different from what you know to be true?  Do you say "YOU'RE WRONG" and then tell them why they are wrong.  Or do you say "WHAT AN INTERESTING POINT OF VIEW...TELL ME MORE".  Person number one is not interested in expanding their perspective whereas person number two is about to add some new vistas to their perspective.

Whom do you aspire to  be?