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Are antidepressants the best way to deal with depression?

Medication has been center stage in the treatment of depression.  There was a time when psychiatrists did talk therapy with their depressed patients.  Talking about what caused their depression and exploring ways to deal with these causes.   Nowadays psychiatrists see 4 patients an hour and simply write prescriptions.

There was a time when primary care physicians would refer their patients to a psychiatrist for psychiatric medication but once big pharma declared depression a disease or an illness....everyone got into the act of prescribing.   Now if a patient is seeking an antidepressant that they heard about on a TV commercial - they can visit their psychiatrist - their primary care physician or a family nurse practitioner.

But aren't the meds designed to correct the chemical imbalance in the brain?  Not according to DR. MERCOLA - he says: " Most people have heard of the "chemical imbalance" theory, which states that depression and anxiety disorders are due to low serotonin levels. Most believe this theory to be true. But the theory was just that—a theory. It sounds scientific, but there was actually no hard evidence behind it.  Check out the article on his website on the efficacy of these meds.  

Certainly the meds do a great deal of good or Dr.'s would not prescribe them, the FDA would not allow them to be sold, and congress and the press would be up in arms.  A meta-analysis of these meds from 2010 said: " Studies comprised adult outpatients and included a medication vs. placebo comparison for at least six weeks. Researchers calculated depression severity scores before and after treatment using the standard Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression. The scientists learned that medication vs. placebo differences varied substantially, relative to the severity of depression suffered by patients. Those patients shown to have less severe depression experienced little to no greater improvement in their symptoms from antidepressant medication as compared to a placebo sugar pill."

Cognative Behavioral therapists can help people with depression an no meds are required except in cases of severe depression.  Talk with your therapist about treatment for depression. 

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