What is STRESS?

Stress, as defined by physical science, is a system's response to any demand placed on it.  You are a system - a system of muscles, blood vessels, nerves and neurons.  When a demand (which we call a stressor) is placed on your system - the way you respond is called "stress" .  Let's put this in simpler human terms.  You are having a great day and you get a call from your bank telling you that your mortgage payment has not been made for the past two months.  We would call this phone call a "stressor" - and the way you respond to the phone call - "stress". There are three basic kinds of stress responses;  1) Stress - which we all experience until we resolve the "stressor";  2) Distress - which is what we might feel if we cannot resolve the "stressor"; and 3) Eustress - which is the pressure that builds as we avoid resolving a "stressor" and when it reaches a critical mass, it projects us to handle the "stressor" quickly and efficiently.  Some people can only handle a project by tapping into this Eustress. 

Stress takes a small tole on our system - but Distress can be serious to fatal to a system.  Distress wears our system out, keeps us in a constant state of fight or flight, and increases out likelihood of heart attack or stroke.  If you can't handle the stress on your own - get help!  Talk to one of the professional counselors here at QC Counselor.