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Surprises can be fun...but not when it comes to medical expenses.

Our therapists are covered by most major insurance companies and we're happy to verify whether we're in network with your insurance carrier.

Our therapists also see patients without insurance and have flexible options for those that either don't have or opt not to use their insurance. 

When working outside of insurance, our practice will issue you a "Good Faith Estimate" to let you know, before treatment begins: the cost of sessions, the anticipated duration of treatment and the total that you would pay out of pocket.


Additionally, we have the Foster Cares Fund for anyone who doesn't have insurance or for those that wouldn't be able to access therapy for its cost.

In short, we're here for you and will work with you to get the professional support and services you desire.


Wondering if your insurance covers the therapist you'd like to see? Wondering how much counseling costs? Contact us today for more information.  Our helpful office staff can verify coverage before you make your first appointment.

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