Why QC Counselor?

QC Counselor is a warm, comfortable environment with licensed professional clinicians who are passionate about helping you on your road to change. 

QC Counselor seeks to provide the best possible service to our community by utilizing evidence-based, proven techniques and continuously learning about the ever-growing field of psychotherapy.

QC Counselor tailors interventions to suit you and creates and individualized approach to support you as you plan, implement and accomplish your goals. 

"Cultivating Opportunities for Growth" means building a relationship in an environment where you can choose a life of joy, development and meaning.

"Mollie is the best. She is always here she is a very good listener. Mollie makes me feel at home. I haven’t been a person who can trust easily, but Mollie really helped me and I appreciate that".

  "Sandra Risch is amazing, helpful, and supportive.. I can give her big thumbs up she’s excellent."

"Very friendly therapist who has helped me through many topics. I owe Matt a lot of gratitude"

"Mollie has been there for my kids and I from the moment we stepped into her office.  She constantly goes above and beyond to help my children feel better about their situation. Mollie's relaxed atmosphere and personality allows her clients to open up easily.  I highly recommend Mollie for your therapist."