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The Foster Cares Fund honors the life of Foster Charles Atwood

Foster Atwood was a intelligent, endearing, resilient and kind young man that died by suicide at the tragically young age of 19.

Foster was known for his sparkling eyes, big smile, and fun-loving personality. He was charming, accepting of all and quick to put the needs of the vulnerable before his own. He was studious, athletic, and hard-working. He was courteous and respectful to all.

Beneath Foster's handsome, smiling face and sweet persona, deep turmoil built under the tremendous weight of anxiety and depression. Foster reached out for help and fought so hard to overcome the anxiety and depression that made life feel impossible and hopeless. Mental health needs do not discriminate; they do not impact only certain types of people. Mental health needs are as universal and varied as physical health needs and there is hope and help.

The Foster Cares Fund was created to serve as a beacon of hope for individuals that need professional support as they're working through the very treatable but overwhelming distress caused by anxiety, depression and the other mental health maladies in our world. Help is provided by licensed, professional counselors and social workers trained in evidence-based practices who are here for you with tools that heal.

We imagine a world without stigma towards mental healthcare and where financial burdens are not a barrier to receiving needed counseling services. The support of our Quad Cities businesses and neighbors through the Foster Cares Fund allows QC Counselor to reduce or remove the financial burden for those working on improving and changing their mental health.

Foster was loved by so many--friends, family, coworkers, customers--and he's among too many people, young and old, that have died by suicide. Suicide is preventable with evidence-based interventions and support but it still plagues our world. Together, we can change this world and save lives--one person at a time.

To use the Foster Cares Fund:

Please call our office during regular business hours at (563) 424-2016, or email our scheduling staff at

To Donate to the Foster Cares Fund:

If you are passionate about mental healthcare and want to support this meaningful mission of saving lives, you can donate year-round here. 100% of proceeds with go to FREE mental health counseling services to neighbors in the Quad Cities community. Thank you for your support.

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